WeGolf.Club Golf FAQ’s

Q: I am trying to purchase a membership but it will not let me.
A: You have to use the PayPal option to purchase a membership. You do not need to have a PayPal account it will just do the processing of your credit card.

Q: When viewing my groups handicaps some are not showing the World Handicap.
A: The handicap gets calculated when a user views his scores, a new score gets added or the group administrator views his scores. If you are a group administrator view the members score from the administer group page and the members world handicap will be calculated.

Q: Were is my handicap? I have entered a couple scores but I cannot see my handicap.
A: The handicap formula requires you to have at least 3 scores entered. You will see your handicap on the right once you have entered a minimum of 3 scores.

Q: Where is the “Add Members” button.
A: In order for the add members button to show you must.

  1. Have a group level membership.
  2. Have created a group
  3. Not have exceeded your membership maximum member amount. If you have a Membership Full button will appear in its place.

Q: Is the group membership fees per person in the group?
A: No the fee covers all members in your group.

Q: I cancelled my automatic renewal. How do I pay if I want to renew?
A: Use the button  below to make a payment. There will be an additional $5.00 Processing fee to reactivate your admin account.

Q: How do I edit course information.
A: Simply go to “My Courses” where you will see a list of the courses you have entered. In the last column there is an edit button.

Q: Is there a maximum score on a single hole that should be used in calculating a handicap?
A: This is referred to as Equitable Stroke Control. Since WeGolf does not require you to enter your score for every hole it does not apply this for you. You should apply this yourself and enter your adjusted total score.
The maximum hole score (currently Equitable Stroke Control or ESC) for each player will be a Net Double Bogey. Net Double Bogey is Par + 2 + any handicap strokes the player receives.

Q: Why are some of my group membership handicaps blank?
A: The members of your group must have 3 scores entered for their handicap to show..

Q: How do I delete a course?
A: You cannot delete a course but you can edit the course to a different name, slope and rating.

Q: How is the USGA Handicap calculated?
A: You can see the USGA calculation here.

Q: I sometimes only play 9 holes can I enter this into the handicap system.
A: Yes, If you enter the slope and rating for those 9 holes. Slope and Rating are usually calculated for a full 18 of a course. Entering a score for nine holes will make your handicap incorrect.

Q: Also when you add members (players), can you post their scores creating their handicaps?
A: Yes, you can post their scores or they can post their scores. They cannot however post your scores. Group Administrators can post scores of any member in their group.

45 responses on “WeGolf.Club Golf FAQ’s

    1. brian Post author

      A course cannot be deleted. You can change the course to a different one using the Edit course feature. This will change the name of the course you entered scores for in earlier rounds.

    1. Dick Post author

      When you are an administrator and create a group you are automatically a member of that group. Any members you create through the “Add Members” button will also automatically be members of your created group.

    1. Dude

      Different tees will have a different slope and rating, therefore to enter scores from different tees you will have to pick the tee for one set of golfers and enter the scores and then do the same for the other tees and set of golfers.

  1. FergyFore

    I removed a member and wanted to add him back in with a different user name but it won’t let me saying e-mail address already used. Any ideas how to remedy this?

      1. FergyFore

        The group name is Golf Rx and the user name I removed was KevinKT and the email address is ktkellner@aol.com.
        You can either activate him and change the user name to Knockdown Kevin with the same email address or delete everything and we will start over.
        Let me know what you need me to do. Thanks.

  2. JWally

    Trying to obtain a group membership and it says “This transaction cannot be processed. The merchant’s account is not able to process transactions.” What does this mean?

  3. dennisconway

    I errantly posted some of the group two times. When I try to delete one of the scores with the same date, same course, and same score the program spins and then jumps to my own scores.

    So, I want to delete a single round for a single player. How do I do this?

    1. Dude

      Just tested without a problem. Going to Administer group and view scores of a member in my group and deleting a score.

      Cannot reproduce the issue. Perhaps try a different browser.

      1. dennisconway

        I use Chrome.
        Just switched to Firefox as you suggested, but the result is the same.
        I hit the DEL square and it shifts to my individual scores, but doesn’t delete the intended golfers duplicate score.

  4. Godfathergolf

    I assume in 2020 the handicap index formula used by Wegolf will be amended to best 8 from 20.
    Please advise when your system will be updated. I note some countries will start to implement the new system during October 2019.
    Please also advise the number of scores to be used for new players will less than 20 scores.?
    Peet Marais

  5. Ron

    I understand $9.99 one pay per year covers entire group. We have 12-16 regulars and 10 or more occasional golfers in our group. How many players does the 9.99 allow?

  6. GLubinPGA

    My golf league plays at two courses. When I look at “My Golf Courses”, it shows the correct Rating and Slope. For example, one course I play has a Rating of 65.8. When I look at “All my Stats” and under “My Scores” the rating is shown as 65. Why is it different?

    1. Brain

      If it is incorrect then then most likely the score was entered then the slope and rating were updated. If a score was entered with the wrong slope and rating you can delete the score and reenter the score with thee correct date and the calculation will be performed with the current information.
      An index is calculated at time of entry with the information in the system at time of entry.

  7. Benton Country Club

    Question If i entered 12 scores on a 9 hole course would the handicap i receive be for 18 holes or 9 holes?

    Lets say my handicap is 6, if i play a nine hole course is my handicap 6 or 3 ?
    Thanks in advance.

  8. cbgsgolf@gmail.com

    There is an error in your calculations for the WHS. When I look at ‘my scores’ the course ratings have all been truncated to a round number but appear correctly in ‘my courses’. If I manually calculate what the correct adjusted score should be it does not match.

    1. Brain

      All course ratings are displayed to one decimal place there is no rounding. Ifr you see a descrepency between your scores rating and the ratings of the course and tee then this would be due to the rating being changed.
      The slope and rating are taken from the course details at time of adding you score. If you have scores that were entered with the wrong slope and rating then you would need to delete them and re-enter them using the date of the round.

  9. GLubinPGA

    Trying to add members. When name and email entered, states name already exists but name doesn’t appear in lists.
    Is there are way to have two members share the same email address?

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